Privacy Policy.

It is a priority for CARBOTI PROJECTS SL (“CARBOTI PROJECTS” from here and out) to ensure and preserve the privacy and the security of our users personal information.

Our Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy from here and out) aims to establish the principles that govern the use we give to the personal information obtained from them. You accept such use when you use the App through your registration as a user for all services we provide. Please read carefully the Privacy Policy

Please take into account that our privacy policy may be modified, either to be adapted to new situations that affect the Service or to adapt to regulatory changes that may come in force. Hence, we ask you to revise them periodically to be informed of the conditions applying every time you use the App.

Accepting this Privacy Policy, the user gives his express consent for the treatment of his personal details provided on the registration form, in addition to any other personal information provided during his business relationship with CARBOTI PROJECTS.


In conformity with the established in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, of 13th of December, on Personal Data Protection (“LOPD” from here and out), we inform that all personal details provided by the User through the App, will be added to an treated in CARBOTI PROJECTS SL (“CARBOTI PROJECTS” from here and out) privately-owned filing system, a company registered under VAT number (CIF) B65131583, with fiscal address at C/ Provenza, 171 08036 (Barcelona), to enable the provision of services requested.

Filling all the personal details requested by the App is necessary to achieve an optimal provision of the services available to the User. When not prividing all requested details, CARBOTI PROJECTS can not guarantee the information and services available provision, its correct provision or its capacity to meet the User’s>

Exercise of rights.

The User can exercise his rights of acces, modification, cancellation and oposition included in the LOPD by means of a written communication addressed to CARBOTI PROJECTS SL, company registered under VAT number (CIF) B65131583, with fiscal address at C/ Provenza, 171 08036 (Barcelona) the User will have to include a certified copy of his national ID, Passport or another valid ID.

Registry prohibition to minors.

Cregistration or acces to the App will be prohibited for children under 14 years old. Carboti projects is not obliged to check such circumstance. Carboti projects is not responsible for the user’s breach of this obligation

Personal data collection.

To be able to use the serviced provided by the site LA FIRA GROUP it is necessary to create an account (including an ID and a Password configuration), to introduce the user’s full name and the number provided by the establishment, as well as a credit or debit card details. It is your responsibility to care for the confidentiality of your accounts information, including password as well as each and every personal detail and activities taken place taken place in the App. You accept informing CARBOTI PROJECTS immediately in case you detect your account or password is being unlawfully used, or in case of any other security related issue. Regardless, you will be responsible for the loss or damage affecting CARBOTI PROJECTS or any other user or site visitor in case someone other than you uses your ID, password or CARBOTI PROJECTS account.

It is strictly prohibited to use another person’s ID and password without your express consent. CARBOTI PROJECTS will not be liable for the los sor damage caused by the breach or non-compliance of these obligations. The User is hereby obliged to maintain CARBOTI PROJECTS out of any claim, sanctions or penalties that may arise as a consequence of the user’s non-compliance of the present Privacy Policy.

CARBOTI PROJECTS reserves its right to limit, suspendo r terminate acces to the App in case the user breaches or non-complies with the contents gathered in the present Privacy Policy, the Conditions or any other particular terms gathered in the App. Such right will be able to be exercised in case CARBOTI PROJECTS has a reasonable doubt or suspicion that the user is violating any of the contents previously mentioned.

Please read carefully the legal texts before providing your personal details.